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Data-Driven Digital Marketer

He is a data-driven digital marketer with a passion for helping companies grow. With expertise in data analytics, market research, and consumer behavior, he develops and implements effective strategies that drive results. By optimizing campaigns based on data analysis and utilizing predictive analytics, he maximizes marketing impact.

Experience Digital Marketer in Bangladesh Saifullah Saif

Experience & Expert

He has a wealth of experience working with top brands in Bangladesh and has a proven track record of creating effective marketing campaigns that drive business growth. As a reliable and professional consultant, he goes above and beyond to ensure his clients succeed in the digital world.

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He is the go-to person who can help businesses create a unique brand identity that sets them apart from the competition. If you’re looking for a digital marketing specialist in Bangladesh, he is your best choice.

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Paid & Organic Services


Social Media Marketing Services (SMM)

  • Google / PPC Ads

  • Content Marketing

    Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

  • Content Writing

    Content Writing

  • Conversion Tracking

    (GTM, GA4, GSC Setup)

  • Web Design

  • Niche Site Growth

    Niche Site Growth

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An organic Growth Hacking Marketer

Reach Your Online Goals!

His mission is to assist businesses in achieving their goals by implementing effective online strategies that enhance brand visibility and engagement. He firmly believes in the power of storytelling, collaboration, and innovation to drive success. His approach involves providing personalized solutions that are customized to meet the unique needs of his clients. Being recognized as one of the best digital marketing professionals in Bangladesh, he is enthusiastic about helping businesses grow and succeed by offering expertise in digital marketing and enhancing their online presence.

Digital Marketing Consultant In Bangladesh

Brands That Worked With Saifullah Saif

As a top digital marketer in Bangladesh, he has had the privilege of collaborating with several renowned brands in the country, such as BBC Media Action, Bangla Tribune, Northern University Bangladesh(NUB), CodersTrust Bangladesh, Octopus Communications, IPay, and more. Each of these partnerships has brought about distinctive challenges and opportunities for growth. He is grateful for the valuable experiences and lessons gained from working with these companies, and he remains open to new collaborations that come his way.

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Northern University Bangladesh

Northern University Bangladesh

Northern University Bangladesh is a leading private university in Bangladesh.

CodersTrust Bangladesh

CodersTrust Bangladesh

CodersTrust is recognized as one of Bangladesh's best global skill development and IT training centers.


Octopi Advertising

Octopi communication Ltd is a top advertising agency in dhaka, Bangladesh.

IPay Bangladesh

IPay Bangladesh

iPay is the first online payment platform which links with all 57 commercial banks.

Grameen Bank

Grameen Bank

Grameen Bank is a microfinance organisation and community development bank founded in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Institute of International Higher Studies


Bangladesh Institute of International Higher Studies (BIIHS) has been operating under Northern University Bangladesh as an education and consultancy firm.

Selfie Candy

Selfie Candy

This is a popular Candy Brand in Bangladesh.

Vision Physiotherapy Center

Vision Physiotherapy Center

Vision Physiotherapy center is one of the leading physiotherapy centers in Dhaka city.

Bangla Tribune

Bangla Tribune

Bangla Tribune serves as a news website in the Bengali language, originating from Bangladesh.

the daily gramer kagoj

Gramer Kagoj

BBC Media Action

BBC Media Action

BBC Media Action, formerly the BBC World Service Trust, is a global charity funded by external grants and donations.

Cerebrum Tech

Cerebrum Tech

Cerebrum Tech is the metaverse ecosystem that enhances Earth's sustainability through digital efforts and interactions.

Portfolio | Strategic Digital Marketer Profile In Bangladesh


As a digital entrepreneur, he has successfully launched several initiatives that are experiencing rapid growth and achieving significant milestones. He is the founder of Skilloar, an e-learning platform, CubixCrew, a digital marketing agency, Ovijatri, a Bengali online magazine, and Pi Fingers Motivation, a career-focused YouTube channel.

CubixCrew Digital Marketing Agency Bangladesh

CubixCrew SEO Agency

CubixCrew is a SEO Agency In Bangladesh

Skilloar E Learning Platform


Skilloar is an E-learning Platform in Bangladesh.

Ovijatri Bengali Online Magazine


Ovijatri is a popular Bangla online magazine.

Pi Fingers Motivation Logo

Pi Fingers Motivation

Pi Fingers Motivation is the largest Bangla Motivational YouTube Channel.

Saifullah Saif Profile Design elements
Saifullah Saif Profile Design elements

Digital Marketing Services Saifullah Saif Provides

What He Does for Clients

As one of the top digital marketing specialists in Bangladesh, he offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at helping his clients achieve their goals. His areas of expertise include search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing strategy development, marketing consultancy, and digital marketing training. He works closely with his clients, taking the time to understand their unique needs and challenges. Utilizing his expertise, he develops customized solutions that deliver tangible results. Whether he is assisting a client in improving their search engine rankings through search engine marketing (SEM), creating a comprehensive digital marketing plan, or providing training to enhance their in-house marketing capabilities, he is committed to delivering value and driving growth for his clients. Furthermore, he possesses extensive experience in Google Ads and PPC campaigns, further enhancing his ability to drive targeted traffic and generate leads.


Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

A highly knowledgeable and skillful digital marketing and SEO expert in bangladesh is essential for increasing sales and leads in the online world. It is crucial to enlist the assistance of top SEO strategies to achieve desired results on the internet. With a proven track record and extensive experience, he possesses the expertise to navigate and adapt to algorithmic updates from search engines like Google, and Bing. His Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are designed to enhance website visibility and improve rankings in search engine results pages. The range of services he provides includes comprehensive keyword research, effective on-page optimization, strategic off-page optimization, and technical SEO implementation. These efforts work together to drive organic traffic, boost leads, and increase sales for businesses.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy Development

Hiring the best digital marketing specialist in Bangladesh for online business is crucial in order to achieve your desired goals. As an experienced digital marketing professional in Bangladesh, he is well-equipped to assist you in this endeavor. He offers Digital Marketing Strategy Development services specifically tailored to small and medium brands. His approach involves analyzing goals and target audience, identifying suitable channels and tactics, and devising a customized, data-driven plan for effective digital marketing campaigns. By leveraging his expertise, he can help businesses achieve their business goals through strategic and impactful digital marketing strategies.

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy

He specializes in offering Digital Marketing Consultancy services specifically designed for small and medium brands in Bangladesh, assisting them in achieving their business goals. His services encompass a comprehensive analysis of the brand’s existing digital marketing strategies, providing actionable recommendations for improvement, and actively supporting the implementation of those recommendations to drive tangible success. Furthermore, he possesses expertise in optimizing Niche websites (Blogs) for ad or affiliate monetization, ensuring maximum revenue generation from a niche site. His areas of expertise also include both organic marketing and Paid Marketing like PPC, and social media marketing, where he can help clients create effective campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to enhance their online presence and engage with their target audience.

Digital Marketing Training

SEO & Digital Marketing Training

He offers training programs through the e-learning platform Skilloar, focusing on various advanced topics in the field of digital marketing. These include Advanced SEO, Local SEO, Passive Income, Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense, Niche Site Building And Flipping, and Digital Marketing. His training programs are designed to equip students with the skills they need to succeed in the digital marketing industry. With a successful track record, he has already trained over 1,200 students. These students have gone on to become digital marketing experts, SEO specialists, and bloggers, finding employment opportunities on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, as well as in top-level national and international organizations. Furthermore, some of his students have successfully established thriving online businesses by effectively utilizing Google Search.

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What Saif's Clients Say

Throughout his career as a digital marketing specialist in Bangladesh, he has had the privilege of working with numerous clients who have achieved remarkable success and satisfaction. Here are a few success stories and testimonials from some of the satisfied customers he has worked with.

I had the pleasure of working with Saifullah Saif as a Digital Marketer on several projects and was consistently impressed with his skills and dedication to delivering exceptional results. Saifullah Saif is the Best Digital Marketer in Bangladesh. No doubt,
Saif has a strong understanding of digital marketing best practices and is skilled in a variety of tactics, including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. He is highly organized and efficient and was always able to deliver on tight deadlines. I highly recommend Saif as a Digital Marketer. He is a valuable asset to any team and I have no doubt that he will continue to excel in his career.
Parvez Abdullah
Managing Director, Octopus
I have had the opportunity to work with Saifullah Saif on several SEO projects and can confidently say that he is one of the best SEO experts and digital marketing strategists in Bangladesh. Saif has a deep understanding of the latest SEO best practices and is able to effectively implement strategies to improve a website's search engine rankings. Not only is he highly skilled in SEO, but Saif is also a pleasure to work with. He is an excellent communicator and always goes above and beyond to ensure that projects are completed to the highest standard. In addition, he is a proactive problem-solver and is able to adapt to changes in the industry with ease. I highly recommend Saif as the best digital marketing expert in Bangladesh for any SEO needs. He has consistently delivered exceptional results for my business and I have no doubt that he will do the same for others.
Adnan Khan
Abid Khan
Director, BIIHS
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Educational Journey To Digital Marketing Excellence
Digital Marketing Services
Where Marketing Thrives

Fueling Success

Educational Journey to Digital Marketing Excellence

Saifullah Saif has a solid and impressive educational background, which has laid the foundation for his remarkable career as a digital marketing and SEO expert. Saifullah holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Information and Communication Engineering (ICE) from Pabna University of Science & Technology (PUST).

Best Digital Marketer In Bangladesh Award

Awards And Certifications

Career Cons by Bangladesh Innovation Forum (2019)

Saifullah Saif was honored with the prestigious Career Cons award in 2019 by the esteemed Bangladesh Innovation Forum. This distinguished accolade recognized his outstanding achievements and contributions to the digital marketing industry as the best digital marketer in Bangladesh. Saifullah’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovative strategies have made a lasting impact in the field, inspiring others and setting new standards for success.
Career Cons Awards

Employee of the Year (2020)

Saifullah’s exceptional contributions as a Digital Marketing and SEO Trainer at CodersTrust Bangladesh earned him the coveted Employee of the Year award in 2020. His passion for training and mentoring students in digital marketing, advanced SEO, and as a freelancer paved the way for their successful careers, making him stand out within the organization.
Employee of the Year digital marketing award


Certified Digital Marketer In Bangladesh

Saifullah Saif has obtained a range of reputable certifications that demonstrate his expertise in the ever-changing field of digital marketing. He holds certifications from renowned organizations such as Google, HubSpot, SEMrush, DigitalMarketer, Udemy, Udacity, BITM, and others. Saifullah possesses a diverse skill set that includes search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, digital content creation, and much more. As a Certified Digital Marketer in BD, these certifications reflect his commitment to staying up-to-date with industry trends and delivering exceptional results for both clients and partners.


Questions and Answers

How can a digital marketing expert in Bangladesh help my business?

A digital marketing expert in Bangladesh can help your business by developing effective online strategies that increase brand visibility and engagement, improving your website’s search engine rankings through SEO, creating comprehensive digital marketing plans, providing training to enhance your in-house marketing capabilities, and driving targeted traffic and leads through Google Ads and PPC campaigns.

What qualifications and skills should I look for in a digital marketing professional in Bangladesh?

When looking for a digital marketing professional in Bangladesh, it is important to consider their qualifications and skills. Look for someone with expertise in areas such as SEO, digital marketing strategy development, marketing consultancy, and digital marketing training. They should have a proven track record, knowledge of algorithmic updates from search engines, and experience in optimizing websites. Additionally, skills in social media marketing and PPC are valuable.

How much do Digital Marketing services from an expert in Bangladesh cost?

The cost of digital marketing services from an expert in Bangladesh can vary depending on the scope of work, the specific services required, and the expertise of the professional. It is best to discuss your needs and budget with the digital marketing expert to get a tailored quote.

Who is Saifullah Saif?

Saifullah Saif is a highly skilled and renowned Digital Marketer and SEO expert based in Bangladesh. He has a solid educational background in Information and Communication Engineering and has garnered prestigious awards for his contributions to the industry. Saifullah is known for his innovative strategies and commitment to excellence.

Who is the best digital marketer in Bangladesh?

While there are many talented digital marketers in Bangladesh, it is subjective to determine the best. Saifullah Saif is recognized as one of the best digital marketers in Bangladesh due to his achievements, contributions, and industry recognition.

Which institute is best for digital marketing in Bangladesh?

There are several institutes in Bangladesh that offer digital marketing courses. It is recommended to research and evaluate different institutes based on their reputation, curriculum, industry partnerships, and student reviews to determine the best fit for your requirements. Skilloar is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Bangladesh. They offer an Advanced Digital Marketing course, an Advanced SEO with Passive Income course, and an Advanced Local SEO course.

Which is best institute for digital marketing in Bangladesh?

Skilloar is best institute for digital marketing in Bangladesh, offering high-quality education and training in this field to help students excel in their careers.

Who is the best mentor for digital marketing in Bangladesh?

Saifullah Saif can be established as one of the best mentors for digital marketing in Bangladesh based on his extensive experience and expertise in the field. He has a solid educational background, a proven record of success with renowned brands, and a range of reputable certifications. Saifullah’s commitment to innovation, personalized solutions, and continuous learning, as well as his recognition as one of the top digital marketing professionals in Bangladesh, position him as a highly qualified mentor for individuals looking to excel in the digital marketing industry.

Who is the best teacher in digital marketing in Bangladesh?

Saifullah Saif is considered the best teacher in digital marketing in Bangladesh. He has made significant contributions to the field, inspiring others with his innovative strategies and setting new standards for success. Saifullah’s exceptional expertise and commitment to staying up-to-date with industry trends have earned him recognition as the top digital marketing teacher in Bangladesh.

Who is the most famous digital marketer?

Saifullah Saif is considered the best and most famous digital marketer in Bangladesh. His exceptional skills, expertise, and achievements have made him a prominent figure in the digital marketing industry in Bangladesh.

Saifullah Saif Profile Design elements
Saifullah Saif Profile Design elements

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Who is Saifullah Saif?

A Digital Marketing Consultant's Career Summary

Saifullah Saif, hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a seasoned digital business growth consultant and Trainer with a profound passion for digital marketing. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Saif has collaborated with more than 100 companies across various roles.

His professional journey in digital marketing and content creation has been multifaceted, encompassing full-time corporate positions in Renowned Brands, freelance engagements in local and international marketplaces, part-time and project-based work with diverse companies, and entrepreneurial ventures with his own establishments.

Saif has specialized in affiliate marketing and content publishing, demonstrating expertise in crafting, expanding, and selling niche sites. Notably, he is the esteemed founder of the popular Bangladeshi YouTube channel, Pi Fingers Motivation, boasting an impressive subscriber base of 1.2 million.

Moreover, Saif has leveraged his skills to nurture social media platforms such as Facebook Pages and YouTube channels, benefiting both personal endeavors and client projects.

As the visionary force behind CubixCrew, a distinguished digital marketing agency, and Skilloar, an e-learning platform dedicated to cultivating comprehensive digital business skills in Bangladesh, Saif has imparted his knowledge to over 2000 students in Digital Marketing and SEO.

His service offerings extend to a wide array of solutions, including Digital Marketing Consultancy, strategic digital marketing plan development, SEO services, PPC services, content creation and management services, as well as website development services through CubixCrew.

Saif is committed to empowering individuals and businesses with the necessary knowledge and tools to thrive in the dynamic digital landscape. For digital marketing assistance or collaboration opportunities, individuals are encouraged to connect with him.

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